Grinding and polishing tools

Another great assistant in the HK - KOTI product range are the grinding and polishing tools, such as flap grinders, flap wheels abrasive fleece wheels. These fine-machining tools are used, among other things, for deburring, grinding and polishing different surfaces.

Flap grinders from HK - KOTI adjust perfectly to the contours of the workpiece being machined due to their flap-shaped lamellae. Flap grinders are used for fine grinding work in tool and mould building for machining difficult-to-access surfaces in container and plant construction applications and for machining fittings made of non-ferrous and light-alloy metals.

Flap wheels from HK - KOTI are the ideal tools for surface machining. They remove rough unevenness, achieve a homogeneous grinding pattern on large-scale surfaces and contours, and are used for tasks such as ultra-fine grinding as a preliminary step ahead of highgloss polishing.

Abrasive fleece tools are particularly suited for dry and wet operation. They are used for cleaning and matt finishing plastics, for descaling metal surfaces and for achieving a surface finish.