Twisted-in wire brushes

Their versatility and economy make twisted-in wire brushes (such as pipe, wing-type, combination and HK flexible brushes) the ideal choice for wide-ranging different fields of production and industrial products. They are particularly suited for deburring and cleaning recesses (O-ring recesses), grooves, drill holes, transverse drill holes and for smoothing and rust removal. Their versatility is demonstrated by the fact that they can be used in flexible shafts, drilling machines and machining centres.

Twisted-in wire brushes are available in a variety of designs, such as cylindrical, conical, stepped or wing-shaped versions. They are additionally available with a shaft and thread.

Structure of a twisted-in wire brush

The brush stem is available in three different versions:

  • Round wire
  • Oval wire
  • Quadruple wire
Round wire
Oval wire
Quadruple wire