Cleaning of cardiac catheters


Medical technology is a particularly sensitive branch of industry with rising hygiene, safety and cost-cutting demands. High-quality medical technology products can be reused for maximum cost savings if they are professionally, hygienically and flawlessly treated, cleaned and sterilized. This requires stringent adherence to strict directives, legislation (such as the German Medical Product Act) and compliance with medical technology approvals. When cleaning cost-intensive cardiac catheters, for instance, our mini pipe brushes can be used. At the same time, HK - KOTI guarantees optimum reliability, precision and cleanliness in its brushes. In this way, our brushes can be used to enable multiple use of medical products in compliance with stringent safety rules, opening up new cost saving potential.

Tube cleaning brushes are another type of twisted in brushes manufactured specifically for cleaning the inside of pipes for rust removal, cleaning and descaling operations. They are used predominantly for manual machining and in flexible shafts as well as stationary machines.

Ideally suited for deburring O-ring recesses, boreholes, for cleaning, smoothing and rust removal.