HK - KOTI Flex brushes

HK - KOTI Flex brushes are used to machine cylinder and piston sliding surfaces. For bores made in steel, grey cast iron, aluminium and all customarily used non-ferrous metals. Simple handling is possible, also with manual drilling machines. The flexible efficiency of these brushes lies in their abrasive spheres which are firmly anchored at the end of strong nylon bristles.

These compact but inherently flexible brushes permit optimum adjustment to boreholes. However, HK - KOTI Flex brushes are capable of effortlessly machining not only cylindrical but also conical or oval boreholes. These brushes are also used to chamfer edges. The flexible contact pressure avoids cut, torn or folded metal. HK - KOTI Flex brushes are offered from a bore diameter of 4-118 mm with the following grain sizes: K.120-K.600.

A variant of the flexible brush: the Scheiben-Flex-Hone®. End machining, for honing, deburring or edge breaking operations. Also allows machining of external surfaces. Flexible contact pressure due to nylon brushes with abrasive globules permanently attached to the ends.