End, cup and bevel brushes

End, cup and bevel brushes from HK - KOTI will give oxidized or coated metal surfaces a gleaming finish. They are the perfect all-rounders for angle grinders, drilling machines and machining centres. Our end, cup and bevel brushes were developed specifically to get to grips with those difficult-to-access areas and for machining edges and corners.

End brushes are used wherever work is being undertaken with electrical or compressed air tools. They are indispensable in the production of vehicle bodies, vehicles and engines.

Rubberised end brushes are the aggressive alternative. They are distinguished by their ability to retain their shape and their outstanding surface stripping capacity. The appropriate Shore hardness can be chosen to suit the intended application.

Cup brushes with or without shaft are allround brushes used in angle grinders and machining centers for removal of varnish layers, scales and corrosion; also ideal for the treatment of welds and paling-board cleaning.

Bevelled disc brushes are a combination of circular and cup brushes. Thanks to their shape and threaded mount, they are ideal for hand-held angle grinders. They are particularly suitable for use on edges which are difficult to access.